Economic Empowerment

"Investing in women's economic empowerment sets direct paths towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. When more women work, economies grow…"..UN women.

The objective for this Programme area is to "Improve access to economic empowerment and sustainable opportunities for the employment of women".

Projects undertaken by SIPME

THE BAGS PROJECT: The Bags Project which is part of SIPME's Needle Women activity has grown immensely over the last 2 years.

What began as a humble brown bag with SIPME printed on it evolved into a Soroptimist blue bag with the logo and has travelled to several Clubs overseas and at home.

This project provides temporary employment to a few women, and also serves as a resuable shopping bag in a small measure contributing to the doing away of plastic bags.

In April 2014 SIPME made 350 bags for the Icelandic Union for their 40th anniversary. It was a challenge and an honour that our bags reached so far.

Member Rohini Khare has singlely handedly worked on this project, teaching women and girls how to cut and make the bag. She has also maintained the logistics of the bags and added new features to the original bag.

The Needlewomen – Bags Project finished an order of reusable 100 bags for SI Liverpool. The making and printing of the bags was overseen by Rohini Khare. The project gave temporary employment to one needy young girl. SI Liverpool received the bags and have sent a favourable report.

Needlewoman - Dresses for Little Girls: Over 80 dresses have been over a period of few months for this project. With fabric contributions from members, the team of Needlewomen have employed 2 girls to stitch dresses for different age group girls. These dresses will be given to an organization that helps educate children of Commercial Sex Workers.

FUTURE READY: Girls acquiring employment skills, providing employment for women to stitch dresses for charities, providing temporary employment for 6 women to stitch the reusable bags.

SNAP Project (Proposed): Setting up a unit to manufacture affordable, hygenic and biodegradeable sanitary napkins. An endeavour by the women and for the women.