Environment Sustainability

"Let us also think of the women who are custodians of local knowledge about food rationing, water harvesting, and forest conservation. Let us recognize how their insights can point the way toward sustainable natural resources management and green prosperity for all"..." Ban-Ki-moon. Un Secretary General.

The objective for this Programme area is to "Address the specific needs of women and girls by improving environmental sustainability, and mitigating effects of climate change and disasters".

Projects undertaken by SIPME

PROJECT GREEN TURN: SIPME's environment project GREEN Turn was nominated for the Best Practice Award under the programme focus of Environment Sustainability, at the Harrogate Conference Nov 2014.

Continuing their mission to raise awareness about garbage collection and segregation the Environment Project Convenor Renu Bhardwaj with the help of other members organized meetings at different residential complexes. A short Interactive, awareness, leaflets distributed with points to save our Planet, Garbage Segregation method was demonstrated as also Importance of Recycle and Reuse.
An audience of 30 residents attended the first session at Nivedita Terraces, and more than 35 at Sunshree Emerald. House maids formed part of the audience and the message was delivered to very positive audiences. More such presentations are planned at community centres. Reuseable bags made by SIPME were available at both sessions.

ORGANIC FARMING: for the village School children.

GARDENS FOR LIFE: preparing gardens at schools.

REUSABLE BAGS: sold and given as part of 'Say no to plastic'.

PAPER BAGS MAKING: reusing material and minimizing plastic usage.