President Anubha Ram Gopal's Message

With immense pride and humility, I acknowledge the honour of this opportunity to lead SI Pune Metro East. I am aware of the challenge that awaits my team, as we take forward the legacy of excellence set forth by my predecessor Neerja Bajaj. I have no hesitation in reinforcing the all pervasive philosophy of "UBUNTU" ---- "I am because we are".

The SI Pune Metro East started its journey 8 years ago in 2008. Today, we are at the threshold of the momentum set by founding members. I feel most overwhelmed at the thought of stepping into their shoes to achieve benchmarks set by them.

I would like to briefly share our plans for the future. The four areas of emphasis will be:

  • Violence and Conflict Resolution: To ensure gender equality for women we intend to work on a project dealing with modern day slavery.
  • Educate to Change: Will cater for education for women and the girl child in order improve the lives and status of women and girls.
  • Economic Empowerment: By exploring and supporting vocational training programs for women and young girls aimed at making them financially independent.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Will focus on provision of clean drinking water and sanitation.

Dear Soroptimists… I seek your cooperation, support and generous contribution in enabling my team to achieve our goal of 'Doing good' for as long as we can with PACE: 'Powerful Actions with Commitment for Empowerment' .

Words of Mother Teresa remind us that "We live under a simple obligation to do all good we can, in whatever ways we can; to all the people we can, for as long as we can".

Anubha Ram Gopal