President's Message

With immense pride and humility, I acknowledge the honour of this opportunity to lead SI Pune Metro East. I am aware of the challenge that awaits my team, as we take forward the legacy of excellence set forth by my predecessor Neerja Bajaj. I have no hesitation in reinforcing the all pervasive philosophy of "UBUNTU" ---- "I am because we are".

The SI Pune Metro East started its journey 8 years ago in 2008. Today, we are at the threshold of the momentum set by founding members. I feel most overwhelmed at the thought of stepping into their shoes to achieve benchmarks set by them.

Latest News

  • Opening the Door to Economic Empowerment for Women and Girls

    Organised by Soroptimist International (SI), 'Opening the Door to Economic Empowerment for Women and Girls' took place on Wednesday 15 March at 10:30am, in the Hardin Room, Church Centre..

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  • SIGBI Malta Conference 2016

    Once again SI Pune Metro East, received a nomination for the Best Practice Awards at the 82nd SIGBI Conference in Malta 2016...

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  • At the Malta Conference- SIPME members had the opportunity to meet their Friendship Link Clubs

    Five of the visiting members of SIME met up with their Friendship Link SI Barbados. Also present was Past SIGBI President...

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  • NASI Meeting

    The National Association of Soroptimist International India- had its Change of Guard in Mumbai on 27th November 2016. IPP Neerja Bajaj...

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  • Girls Moving Forward

    SIPME continues its award winning project, Girls Moving forward for the second year with our partner Deep Griha. Sessions of Grooming...

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  • Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General meeting of the Club was held in early October. Reports were detailed and presented by the President, Secretary...

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  • NASI AGM-June 2016

    The AGM of National Association of Soroptimist International-India was held in Kolkatta in June. Four members from SIPME were present...

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  • Fistful of Grains

    SIPME contributed grains to Kayakalp a home for children of the sex workers. This project Fistful of Grain is part of the National project selected by the National Association of Soroptimist-India...

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  • Educate to Change

    SIPMEs formal education project began in 2015 and monetary support was provided to three girls for their education. It is our endeavour to reach out to those unfortunate girls who may have the will and the intelligence but lack of means and the opportunities...

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  • Nisha Ghosh elected as Assistant Programme Director at Federation

    SIPME Founder President and current Membership Officer was successful in her bid for the Assistant Programme Director Post at Federation. She will be the first Indian to be elected to this post...

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  • Girls Moving Forward Food and Nutrition

    Member Nandita Mehta conducted a session for Girls Moving Forward-3 the ongoing project. The focus was food and nutrition. The women are all from the slums and very low income communities most of them illiterate or just semi-literate...

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  • Condolence Meeting for Yasmin Jamadar

    Yasmin Jamadar, Treasurer of SI Pune Metro East, passed away quite suddenly and tragically on 17th August 2016. She was 61 years old...

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  • Educate to Lead - Spoken English Classes

    Under the focus area of Learning Opportunities SIPME started new sessions of the Spoken English Classes. Deep Griha one of SIPMEs partners for projects requested the classes for about 25 girls and young women at Ambedkar Vasti in Pune...

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  • World Environment Day 2016 with Tara Mobile Creches

    The new project KILKARI is in collaboration with Tara Mobile Creches - an NGO that works for the migrant labourers that work on construction sites. In a supportive role SI Pune Metro East provides a few learning skills to the children...

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  • Visit to Kayakalp - Aseema Project

    SI Pune Metro East continues to support Kayakalp – a home for the children of the commercial sex workers situated in the heart of the city's red light area. This project supports Director Seema's efforts at Kayakalp by providing useful items for the children...

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  • Girls Moving Forward

    Communication skills - an important aspect of imparting life skills to young girls from underprivileged communities. This was undertaken by SI Pune Metro East as part of the Girls Moving Forward an ongoing project that addresses their needs through informal learning methods...

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  • World Health Day

    SI Pune Metro East marked World Health Day by inviting well known diabetologist Dr. C. Rao to talk to a group of members and guests. His topic was "Enjoy life with Diabetes." Dr. Rao shed light on the growing number of diabetes cases due to lifestyles, food habit and stress...

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  • Visit to Care India

    To mark Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, some members of SI Pune Metro East visited Vishranti the hospital for terminally ill cancer patients, as also for those on chemotherapy cycles. This 15 bedded small but well maintained hospital is run by Care India Medical...

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  • Annual PAC meeting

    At the end of January 2016 it was time for change of guard .The fourth EC committee of SIPME took over soon got down to orienting members on the plans ahead. Programme Action Chairperson Renu Bhardwaj conducted a session for the Project Conveners and EC...

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  • Celebration of International Women's Day at SIPME

    SI Pune Metro East combined their International Women's Day (IWD) with bringing the focus on Modern Day Slavery. It was befitting that human trafficking was centre-stage as the theme of this year's IWD was Gender Parity...

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  • Visit to Tara Mobile Creches -

    A group of Soroptimists and Girl Guides from Scotland visited Pune and along with some SIPME members went to the Tara Mobile Creches(TMC) at their Kondwa Centre. The visitors observed the activities that the Centre organizes for the children and the community at large. They...

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  • A Fistful of Grain - Second Event of National Project

    As part of the national Project - a Fistful of Grain - SIPME made their second contribution this time to Tara Mobile Creches - Kondwa Centre. Mobile Creche day care centre is where the children of the construction workers are looked after and given food...

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  • Scottish Visitors at SNAP unit in Tulapur

    Four of the Scottish visitors currently in Pune brave a bumpy ride and scalding temperatures in auto rickshaws to see the SNAP project functioning. Anupama Sen, Project Convener along with President Anubha met the ladies at Tulapur and showed them the working of the unit, where...

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  • Marking World Water Day 22nd March 2016

    SIPME members marked the World Water Day by conducting activities at Emmanuelle Public School. PAC Renu Bhardwaj talked to a group of 25 students both boys and girls on conserving water. Advocating...

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  • Pratima Kapur's Book Launch

    Pratima Kapur is an author, artist, an army wife and a Soroptimist! SIPME were honored to be part of the book launch of her second book - Borrowed Plumes. With her writing skills, Pratima is an asset to SIPME....

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  • Visit to Bori

    Four members of SIPME accompanied Seema and Shirish Waghmode on a visit to Bori. This is a remote village some 3 hours away from Pune where the Waghmodes are building a home for rehabilitation of children of the commercial sex workers. In this ....

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  • SIPME's Friendship Link SI Truckee Meadows gets a grant from SI President's Appeal

    The Dec 10th SI President's Appeal for Educate to Lead in Nepal has met with enthusiastic response. SI Truckee Meadows (SITM) in the US has been given the first Grant from the Appeal Funds to work in Nepal. SITM has already an ongoing project in Thulipokhari....

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  • Fun and Friendship at SIPME

    The Fun and Friendship component of Soroptimism keeps the bonding level high. It could be the birthday cake for member celebrating the month's birthday, greeting a member's grandchildren or simply enjoying the fellowship at a meeting - these moments add to our staying together. SI Pune Metro East makes every occasion special...

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  • One Billion Rise at AFMC

    One Billion Rise is SIPME's awarding winning project on gender sensitization. The latest session on Understanding Gender was delivered by Barkha Bajaj and her AKs Team for the Cadets of Armed Forces Medical College. The session was attended by 150 students and some staff members at the college Lecture Hall...

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  • SIPME members caught in Chennai Floods

    Stranded in Chennai floods, SIPME members overwhelmed by Soroptimist friendship. Three members of SIPME headed to Madurai via Chennai. On their return, Rita Nagpal, Yasmin Jamadar and Nisha Ghosh were caught in the downpour of Chennai. The record breaking rain and flood kept...

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  • Eye Camp at Medical Outreach

    SIPME's Medical Project at the twin villages of Tulapur and Phulgaon continues with camps held to address different medical issues of the villagers. An Eye camp was held with the doctors and cadets of the Armed forces Medical College examining more than 60 village patients...

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  • Women and Wellness

    Under the series Women and Wellness a seminar was held on Holistic Healing. SIPME member Charu Mudholkar who is a holistic healer conducted the session involving the audience for a brief meditation spell. Another speaker veteran Media person talked on Food as Medicine...

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  • Girls Moving Forward (GMF)

    Girls Moving Forward (GMF) was conducted at Deep Griha an NGO that works with the low income. All the girls of very low income group live in one of the urban slums. For this second round of GMF twelve workshops spread over 12 months were planned. In December the final workshop was held for 25 girls...

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  • Needlewomen

    The team of Needlewomen made nearly 80 dresses from material donated by members. The dresses were then donated to Renutai's school in the city, which looks after children of the sex workers. SIPME members Yasmin and Rohini spent a morning with the children at the school premises. This is the third lot of dresses made by the Needlewomen...

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  • SNAP Advocacy

    The Project on Sanitary Napkins Advocacy was launched in March 2015. The project team continues to advocate menstrual hygiene and the use of low cost biodegradable napkins to women and girls in urban as well as slum regions. Anupama Sen the Project Convener has met girls in schools, women in slums, and generally communities...

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  • International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women

    Soroptimist International Pune Metro East (SIPME), besides marking the day with the members also sent out the message to stop violence to the group of girls and young women who attend the Girls Moving Forward session - a project of SIPME. All the girls of very low income group live in one of the urban slums. Empowering them life skills is....

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  • Fistful of Grain

    The National Association of Soroptimist International - India - set a task to all the Clubs to evolve activity around a project - 'Fistful of Grain.' This is to be the national project and Clubs can tailor the project to suit their local needs. The goal of this National project is for clubs to look at the aspect of food security....

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  • Raising the profile of SIPME, SIGBI and SI and a Lecture on Project Green Turn

    In our continued effort to raise the profile of Soroptimist International and Environment Sustainability two of our members addressed members of IASAP (Indian Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals), 53 women administrative professionals in July 2015....

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  • Educate To Change

    Keeping the Soroptimist International's thrust Educate to Lead, SIPME added another new project to its credit. Educate to Change as the new project will be called, is based on sponsorship to deserving...

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  • One Billion Rise - Train The Trainer

    SIPME continues to expand its team of volunteers to conduct the One Billion Rise Modules on Gender Sensitization. Towards this Convener Jennifer Kumar along with Neerja Bajaj conducted the second...

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  • SIPME Bonding

    In the month of June - a typical Indian summer with typical SIPME bonding four members felicitated for their June birthdays - a fantastic gathering with superb Soroptimism. Rita Nagpal, Rohini Khare, Jennifer Kumar and Kiran Ambwani...

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  • National Meeting of Soroptimist Clubs in Pune

    The National Association of Soroptimist International - India(NASI) held its annual AGM and the EC meeting on 27th June in Pune. Hosted by SI Poona, the two day session covered different important points related...

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  • SNAP - Training Workshop for the Village Women

    The SNAP project took a step ahead, by training 5 women of the village for marketing. A workshop was conducted by Binita Sen and Anupama Sen to give the women a better understanding of menstrual hygiene...

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  • SIPME Vice President Anubha Ramgopal presently at NASA

    Anubha Ramgopal, SI Pune Metro East Vice President and a science educator at a High School is selected to be part of a group of educators from across the world to participate in a science workshop at NASA...

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  • World Environment Day 2015

    SIPME marked the day this year with two events.The eco-friendly sanitary napkin of SIPME's SNAP project were distributed in Siddharth Nagar a low income community area. Anupama Sen the convener of the SNAP project, as a doctor propagated the...

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  • SIPME at CSW-59

    India made it's entry with the Soroptimist delegation at the Commission for the Status of Women-59 in New York. Nisha Ghosh from SIPME and Naina Shah from SI Chennai Downtown joined the SIGBI delegation and also participated in one of the key event presented by Soroptimist International...

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  • Needlewoman Project

    SIPME's needlewomen kept the project alive. Both in the Bags Project of Needlewomen and in the Dresses Project there has been continued activity. Over the past few months more than two dozen dresses for girls of different ages were stitched...

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  • SNAP Updates

    The Sanitary Napkins Advocacy Project was launched at the Tulapur village with much fanfare. The women from the village selected for assisting in the manufacturing unit set up there have been trained and are on the job. Manufacturing...

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  • Train the Trainer this Summer

    In an effort to boost the number of facilitators for the delivery of the One Billion Rise modules in School, SIPME held a training session for some 10 volunteers. Conducted by Jenny Kumar the Convener of the Project...

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  • Workshop on enabling Safety in Schools

    President Neerja and four other members of SI Pune Metro East attended the workshop and were given certificates for their participation. Organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Semaa (Stop Exploitation, Molestation Abuse and Assault)...

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  • Annual General Body Meeting

    SI Pune Metro East had its sixth Annual General Body Meeting in April 2015 at the China Grill Lounge. Secretary Renu read the minutes of the last AGM (2014) followed by the presentation...

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  • New Projector - A Friendship Gesture

    Friendship Links are a way in which clubs in Soroptimist International support and connect with each other across the world. The support goes a long way in taking the linked club forward as well as taking...

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  • Girls Moving Forward

    One of the most successful projects of the Club which began in 2010 ran through 12 sessions in 3 years was launched again with a slightly different structure. Season 2 as we like to call it has been specially designed...

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  • Bach Flower Therapy

    SIPME organized a special session on Bach Flower Therapy for a group. It was conducted by Dr. Gulshan Thukral and coordinated by Membership Officer Neilum Mulgaonkar...

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  • Inauguration of the Sanitary Napkin Advocacy Project (SNAP)

    As part of our International Women's Day celebrations, SIPME inaugurated the SNAP Project on 15th March 2015. Seven women of Tulapur village are in this project. This is going to have a three pronged effect by educating...

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  • Seminar: Women and Wellness: Focus on Mental Health of Women

    Soroptimist International Pune Metro East celebrated the International Women's Day by organizing a Seminar - "Women and Wellness" to focus on the mental health issues of women. The purpose of this Seminar was to initiate a dialogue and sweep the dust...

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  • We Turned Five

    Soroptimist International Pune Metro East marked five years of being part of Soroptimist International. President Neerja Bajaj welcomed members to a lively lunch gathering at a local Club. This time no speeches, no presentations, no guests, just wholesome fun, chat and good food. Games added to the...

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  • SIPME Gets A Visitor

    Zarreen Babu, member from SI Kodaikanal visited SIPME and joined in with us. An active member of her club she has done commendable work as PAC to lay the foundation of projects and give her club visibility.

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  • SIPME Joins Highways Infinite On Its Annual Cancer Walk

    Ten SIPME members and 3 Soroptimisters joined the cancer walk organized by Highways Infinite an NGO that works to create cancer awareness. To mark World Cancer Day on 4th February, Dr. Ritu Biyani the Director of the organization organizes a 5 km walk through the heart of Pune city on the first Sunday of...

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  • SIPME Extends A Helping Hand

    Moved by the plight of a young girl displaced from her home and state due to unprecedented flood in the Kashmir Valley, Soroptimists of SI Pune Metro East responded by visiting their camp site. The girl is...

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  • Celebration Time

    Members of SIPME took time off to celebrate the success of the Club for its event in October - Chords for a Cause, and also for the successful visit to Harrogate of 3 members. The one Billion Rise project on gender sensitization won the Best Practice Award along...

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  • A Friend of SIPME visits from Germany

    SI Freudenstadt has been a strong friend of SIPME from the pre charter days. The presence of four of their members at SIPME's Charter renewed those bonds of friendship. On 19th Nov, Dorothee Schamlz their Founder President visited Pune and spent two fruitful days with the club members. Jennifer Kumar made a presentation of all our projects with special focus...

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  • NASI meet at Chennai - SIPME attends

    President Neerja Bajaj and Secretary Renu Bhardwaj represented SIPME at the National Association Soroptimist International EC and AGM at Chennai from 29th Nov. There was a change of guard at the meeting and a new NASI Committee...

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  • SIPME Shines at Harrogate 2014

    At the 80th SIGBI Conference in Harrogate UK SI Pune Metro East came away with two awards jointly won with 3 Clubs. With two nominations in their bag President Neerja Bajaj, Secretary Renu Bhardwaj and SIGBI Friendship Link Coordinator Nisha Ghosh headed for Harrogate...

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  • SIPME represented at the Harrogate Conference

    The 80th SIGBI Conference started in Harrogate with great fanfar with more that 1300 delegates from 29 countries of this Federation in attendence. Soroptimists cheered as the flags of all the countries were taken to the stage and...

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  • SIPME celebrates "International Day of the Girl Child" with their first public event - 'Chords for a Cause'

    Soroptimist International Pune Metro East organized their first public event with a musical evening 'Chords for a Cause'. This also marked the celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child - a day important in the Soroptimist Calender - as the organization focuses on educating, empowering and enabling women and girls...

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  • SI Pune Metro East Swings into Action for Swacch Bharat

    Swacch Bharat(Clean India) the clarion call by the Prime Minister of India, got the Soroptimists of this Club gather at a neighbourhood open ground. Unfortunately this ground is used as a dumping place by all the nearby shops and restaurants...

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  • President Neerja Bajaj Addresses the Rotary Down Town Chapter

    On Oct 2nd Rotary Downtown Club invited President Neerja Bajaj to talk on Gender based issues. Her presentation "Shatter the Silence" was based on the work on violence against women addressed both by SI Pune Metro East as well as Aks Foundation of which she is the Communications Director...

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  • Jennifer Kumar was invited to speak on Soroptimist as an organization and its goals.

    Jennifer Kumar member of SI Pune Metro East and Convenor of the Project One Billion Rise, was invited to speak on Soroptimist as an organization and its goals. She stressed upon the need to give back through volunteering, and suggested ways in which professionals could join hands with Soroptimists...

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  • President Neerja Bajaj honoured by educational institutes.

    President Neerja Bajaj of Soroptimist International Pune Metro East, was honoured for her work in the field of women and girls. Neerja is the director of AKS, a counselling agency that has its own help line and reaches out to battered women and other victims of abuse...

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Ask Me Why I'm A Soroptimist

One more feature in our cap:- The SIPME video on 'Ask Me Why I'm a Soroptimist' has been announced as the winner in the SIGBI membership competition amongst ten other videos. The video has reached 19006 people on FaceBook & has been viewed 9500 times. It has been shared more than 126 times, achieving the highest ever figures by any post in the history of SIGBI.

CSW61 - 2017

The sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 13 to 24 March 2017. Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world will attend the session.

  • Priority theme:
    Women's economic empowerment in the changing world of work
  • Review theme:
    Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls (agreed conclusions of the fifty-eighth session)
  • Emerging issue/Focus area:
    The empowerment of indigenous women



Soroptimist International is a global volunteer movement working together to transform the lives of women and girls. Our network of around 80,000 club members in 130 countries and territories works at a local, national and international level to educate, empower and enable opportunities for women and girls.

The SIGBI Conference

26-28 Oct 2017 - Cardiff

The conference theme, Step Up, Lead the Way was chosen to encourage all of us to lead the way in terms of growing our organisation and securing its future.



SIGBI works to the goals and objectives called the "Programme Areas" which provide the structure of all our project work.
Economic Empowerment
Environmental Sustainability
Food Security and Healthcare
Learning Opportunities
Violence and Conflict Resolution

Ask me why I'm a


I want to make life better for women & girls, We enable girls to reach their full potential, I want to contribute to my local community.


  • April 14, 2016

    Mental health

    Physical health is known to be a key part of international development as it lays the foundation for people to lead full lives. Without good health it is harder to attend school, be productive at work or be active in your community....

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  • February 23, 2016

    Chennai floods

    Chennai airport, 1 December 2015 recorded the highest rainfall in the city of Chennai - a one hundred year record was demolished. Climate change - a global concern - became a rude reality in a matter of hours for this city of 8.2 million.....

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  • March 05, 2015


    "CSW59 was a huge success for Soroptimist International. The dedicated and proactive delegation of around 100 Soroptimists from across the globe were able to advocate for women and girls and their hard work paid off...

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  • Jan 28, 2015

    A Lesson In Humility - Women Shaping a New Generation

    "At Phulgaon and Tulapur, villages, SI Pune Metro East (SIPME) has run a medical outreach project for several years now. It has become a centre for the village women to meet the Soroptimist doctor ...

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  • Jan 17, 2014

    Girls Moving Forward

    As a new Club, SI Pune Metro East (SIPME) was brimming with enthusiasm, to go out there into the community and connect with young girls. This was ...

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  • July 25, 2013

    Tsunamika - A Living Symbol Of Resilience

    The Tsunamika project began shortly after the Tsunami on the morning of 23rd Dec 2004, which struck the southern coast of India and several...

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Videos and Presentations

  • Walk-Step It Up For Gender Equality
  • 2010 SI Convention-Montreal
  • The Needlewoman Project
  • Girls' Moving Forward for SI Truckee Meadows
  • SIPME First Anniversary