Learning Opportunities

"Everything we do is to ensure that girls' education is part of the mainstream conversation."..UN women.

The objective for this Programme area is to "Increase access to formal and non-formal learning opportunities".

Projects undertaken by SIPME

GIRLS MOVING FORWARD: SIPME's project Girls Moving Forward(GMF) which was listed as a Project of Excellence in 2013 completed 12 sessions over a period of 3 years. The new Executive team felt that we could revamp the modules and make them more focused. With this in mind, the PAC presented a revised working module for the GMF. The first session was delivered at Deep Griha for 25 girls.

Continuing the Sessions of Girls Moving Forward at Deep Griha, the 25 girls were this time given the meaning of social awareness. Through interactive methods and role play they learnt the importance of working in a team and as well as be social aware. There was a lot of positive response from the participants. The session was delivered in Marathi, the local language that all the girls are comfortable in. The project is SIPME's award-winning project for non-formal education.